Rules and Regulations

General Participation Terms and Conditions

In order to participate in this year’s edition of MAYDAY Poland, you need to fill the statement, which you will find HERE.

In accordance with the decision of the Personal Data Protection Office, statement will not be collected from you. It will be only required to show them at the entrance to the festival area, but each participant is required to have it with them throughout the duration of the event.

Tickets for MAYDAY Poland 10.11.2020 and for MAYDAY on 8.05.2021 do not expire and you don’t need to exchange them. You can use them to enter MAYDAY Poland on 10.11.2021

Note! Make sure that you buy tickets at designated points of sale only! Holders of falsified tickets will be subject to criminal liability.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel any concert/event without notice. The organizers shall not be required to pay any compensation to the holders of tickets, other than the refund of the entire or a part of the sum for which the ticket for the cancelled concert/event has been purchased. Ticket holders are reminded that tickets are not exchangeable and cannot be refunded in any situation other than that referred to above. The organizers, acting pursuant to any provisions or instructions that are listed at the board on the site of the concert/event, reserve the right to the following:

  • Refuse admission to a ticket holder.
  • Refuse the participants to enter with and to use during the concert/event any cameras, video cameras or other photographic equipment.
    Require the ticket holder to leave the site of the concert/event and use applicable measures required to enforce compliance with such an instruction.
  • Amend the agenda of the concert/event in any manner required based on unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.
  • Cancel the event/concert or withdraw from its organization due to reasons beyond the organizers’ control, without notice and without obligation to pay, to any persons, compensation other than, at the sole discretion of the organizers, the refund of the entire or a part of the sum for which the ticket has been purchased.
  • Introduce content- and time-related amendments to the agenda, without prior consultation and without right to compensation.
  • Refuse admission to the site of the concert/event is held to those ticket holders who are carrying fire arms, wearing steel cap shoes or boots, carrying selfie sticks and any other items that may pose a threat to other participants.
  • Assign a different seat/standing place to the ticket holder, should a need arise. Ticket holders may be permanently exposed to noise that may impair their hearing.
  • By purchasing the ticket, the participant agrees to release and indemnify the organizers from any liability during the concert/event (with liability for accidents included).
  • Ticket or invitation holders participating in the event acknowledge that the fact of participating in the event shall be deemed to be their consent for the processing of their personal data enabling their identification. By entering the site, the participants agree to be photographed and filmed, agree for their images to be processed and for their voice to be broadcast, distributed or transmitted in connection to any program related to the concert/event.
  • Visitors are forbidden to bring any of the following to the site: alcoholic beverages, food, soft drinks, perfumes and any other illegal substances (intoxicants or psychotropic substances).
  • By purchasing the ticket, the visitor acknowledges and agrees to the sales terms and conditions presented above.